Container is not a box. Container is not a bag. It is both of these things.

As texts continue on a trajectory toward being themselves and the things they represent, publishing models must change accordingly. But, Container is not a publishing model; however if your project is a model airplane or a model of an atom, send it our way.

Established to create books which aren’t, in the quotidian sense, books at all, Container creates objects which masquerade as parking meters, wallpaper, or crop seed sleeves. Working with text to determine alternate approaches to the traditional book form, we aim to free artists from being “boxed in” by forms, roles, abilities, or identities.

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Douglas Luman

Production Director

Douglas Luman’s poetry and prose has been published in magazines such as SalamanderOcean State Review, Rain Taxi, and Prelude. He is Art Director at Stillhouse Press, Head Researcher at appliedpoetics.org, a book designer, and digital human. Find out more about him at douglasjluman.com.

Jenni B. Baker

Projects Director

Jenni B. Baker’s work has appeared in publications such as The Journal, Hayden’s Ferry Review, DIAGRAM, Washington Square, Lunch Ticket, Whiskey Island, BOAAT and Quarterly West. Her Oulipo-generated chapbook, Comings/Goings, was released by Dancing Girl Press in 2015. In her current project, Erasing Infinite (http://www.erasinginfinite.com), she creates poetry from David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, one page at a time. More at jennibbaker.com.