Open Container

Container publishes new objects on a quarterly basis.

Periodically, we open to submissions of original poetry, fiction, nonfiction and other text-based work to develop into limited-quantity objects. Our next open reading period runs from April 1 to May 31, 2017.

Instead of a traditional cover letter, submit a pitch letter telling us how you picture your text working outside of the traditional book context. Is it meant to be contained in a shoe box? Smeared on a set of petri dishes? Shaped as a workable model volcano? In this letter, be sure to describe the intent of the project and how you see the text supporting the form/shape you’re pitching.

While we’re interested in making books into art objects, we’re not necessarily looking for strictly “artist’s books.” Some examples of works by other book artists we admire:

How it Works

A complete submission, sent to us via Submittable, contains:

  • Contact information
  • Pitch letter
  • Bio statement
  • The text
  • (Optional) Any material which supports your proposal: napkin sketches, audio files, videos—if it helps us visualize or understand the project, send it

Submissions to Container require a $10 fee. These fees support printing and material costs, and help keep the lights on.

That said, we believe publishing should be open and equitable for all; should circumstances preclude you from being able to afford the submission fee, please contact us to make alternate arrangements for your submission.