Abstract form whose instances are collections of other objects. Often projects take the shape of things that are not normally classified as "book-like." Rarely, our objects look like traditional books. It depends.

Latest object


Red ViewFinder with six circular reels spreading horizontally.

Laced with the "are we there yet?" vacation nostalgia of the 1980s and '90s, the Look Book series invites artists to submit work that functions best in the classic view reel format. Each year, we solicit up to six (6) participants to contribute to a year-long subscription series that delivers a new reel to your mailbox every two (2) months.

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Closed-edition large projects. We accept submissions and, on occasion, solicit artists to to produce these works through a highly collaborative process, including editorial and conceptual work around submitted text and form(s). We traditionally produce editions of 25 to 30 copies.

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Faced with a challenge to make a bookwork from such materials as a rolodex or vintage lunch box, artists engaged in the Multitudes series take-on well-known objects and forms with unique and (un)characteristic approaches. These works transform mundane objects into text-based experiences and engagements that defy, reconfigure, or emerge into what they appear to be.

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Container's original run was from 2017 - 2019 under direction of Douglas Luman and Jenni B. Baker. This period of the press took a long rest after Jenni's death in late 2020 due to complications from glioblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer.

In 2023, Container woke up.

Collection details

Container's text objects and artist's books can be found in the collections of many institutions. We thank them for their care and curation of our work. These include:


Container is currently not open for submissions. We aim to reopen to new bookwork proposals in Fall 2023. We will make this announcement via our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. See below for links to these.